Project - Ciprian Cenan

       Since 2009, when I started doing photography, taking advantage of the very photogenic area I was living, the first photographs illustrating my home village have begun to take shape. In my view, the photography project "My Village" has basically created itself and has gathered several hundred of photographs during the several years it has been carried out.

       Through this project, I have promoted my home village Zau de Câmpie, associated with the steppe peony, Baron Ugron's castle, the fish lake chain, and the natural resources of methane gas.

    The organisation of exhibitions and the dedicated photo album have been important methods of promotion.Through the presentation of photographs, the exhibitions are a foray into the rural contemporary world and capture certain representative moments of its existence. The local landscapes and the aspects of daily life I have immortalised partially render the magic and beauty of this place.

Museum of Ethnography of Tîrgu-Mureş – 14th November 2013

     My first exhibition opening was held on 14th November 2013 at the invitation of the Museum of Ethnography and Folklore of Tîrgu-Mureş. The 35 exhibited works are o selection of the most representative moments captured during the years 2009 and 2013.

      The artist and photographer Sorin Onişor was invited as a special guest.

Zau de Cîmpie Community Centre – 12th April 2014

       The exhibition was organised in my home village as well in April 2014 when, besides the works exhibited on picture rails, I also presented a slide show composed of a selection of 250 photographs grouped on seasons.

       Among the guests of honour, Mrs. Susana Iurian, teacher, impressed with the exhibited works, dedicated a poem to this event:

"Eternity of colour, and beauty alike,

Magically captured in a miraculous moment,

I can say

This way are the pictures

I collect with enchantment:

The ardour of peonies which ignites

The spellbound sunset;

The lake with floating boats, fishermen who admire

The ceaseless sway of water;

The village seen from height,

Abound in lust for life;

The willow, the train – you keep them in your heart

Wherever you go;

Behind the frames – a sigh;

The mist-soaked castle,

The gentle relief of the hills

Recreate a bright morning

In its divine universe;

Flocks, grazing in silence and dream,

Galloping horses, hard-working people

Recreate the eternal paradise,

Penetrate souls;

Birds, clouds floating in the sky,

All of them paint a world of colour,

Warm light, and mystery."

„My village – Seasons in images” - July 2014

       With the support of Zau de Câmpie Mayor's Office and of several generous persons, the photo album "My Village – Seasons in Images" came off the presses in July 2014. This album represents the image of my home village through the 80 photographs grouped on seasons.

"Liviu Rusu" Public Library of Sărmaşu – 29th July 2014

    "My Village" exhibition was presented at Sărmaşu Public Library on the occasion of some specific cultural activities on 29th July 2014.

"Dimitrie Gusti" National Village Museum – 11th June 2015

    I had the joy of admiring the photographs illustrating my village in Bucharest, in June 2015. "My Village – Seasons in Images" exhibition, presenting 45 works, could have been admired with a new concept for over two weeks at "Dimitrie Gusti" National Village Museum, "Lena Constante" Exhibition Room.

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